2020 autumn and winter new leather men's boots
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2020 autumn and winter new leather men's boots

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Welcome to our store,please read the following content carefully!
About the size:Due to the size standard is different of every region,so please measure your foot length as the photo below.

How to choose correct size?

1.Measure your foot length as the photo(please do not measure the insole length).

2.Find the "US szie" from the size chart by your foot length!


NOTE : Please do not measure the insole length,it is the different between foot length!

About Box : Generally in order to pass your local custom faster and chearper,we will pack the shoes "without box", this way maybe can avoiding the custom tax,but we can't promiss that.If you want the box,please leave a message "with box" when you order.
About Decleared value:We will write $5 on the parcel ,and declared as "gift",if you have any special requested,please marked in your order.Thanks.

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